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My favourite model the Rumour - click here to see its construction, handmade by me well over fifteen years ago, has been refurbished. Rather tired, it was due for replacement. But six new servos, a five cell Eneloop 2Ahr battery pack and a new Multiplex 2.4GHz. radio will see my RUMOUR on the slope again in 2010. It has 2.4m span and is far too heavy - must be over 3kg - I don't know, I can't weigh it. Oh, and there's a new paint job and Photoshopped waterslide decal graphics similar to these.

Is it the same model? Well that's a good question; perhaps it's a good example of the 'Theseus Paradox' where Plutarch relates that Theseus' ship, revered in ancient Athens, had its rotting wood planking, etc. replaced periodically, but like our own Cutty Sark was it still the same ship?

July 2010: "I've had the opportunity to fly it couple of times now on different slopes and it does need a good one to get it going. I've still not sorted out the surface movements, CG, etc. but I still like it, except for landing it which is a real job for me. "September 2012: Rather tired again but I still like it." "April 2013: I still have it, I still love it, but my Rumour hasn't been flown for over a year now".

It looks respectable but YOU can't see the repairs! Original silicone hinge still in place!

Waterslide Transfer

How many times did I snap the fuse in two? Twice
I made the tail too heavy and added copious amounts of lead to balance - not the best thing!