Zephyr HLGZephyr HLG

The fuselage is lightweight glass fibre, the wings are blue foam skinned with glass fibre. The V-tail isbalsa covered with Kevlar. Some 2mm carbon rod 'doubled up' is used for the push rods. I'm using Graupner 261 servos for the V-tail and 4 ŻAA size NiCads for the power supply. The receiver I have at the moment is a small Futaba although I have it in mind to buy a new small radio especially for HLG - a Multiplex Cockpit.

Innovations on this model: I'm thinking of using an internal changeover reed switch for the on/off switch (click here) with the operating magnet fixed to a stand that the model will sit on. This way, when the model is set on the stand it will be switched off but when lifted off will automatically switch on. Doing this means there is no real need to open the canopy except to plug or unplug the battery, say, at the start and end of the flying day and my canpoy will not come adrift as usually happens! Come to think of it a solar charger could be used too...

Back end Fuselage

V for the balsa Kevlar-covered V-tail.

Fuselage - vertical ballast holes.

Wing panels

Main panel and one tip panel.

Balsa V-tail covered with glass cloth.

Thin carbon 'spars'.

1/2AA cells

260 mAh NiCad cells from
Maplin Electronics.

C261 servos

'New' Graupner C261 servos.
x 21 x 11 mm, 8g, 14Ncm, 0.14s/40║)