This model came from France, and is the 2 metre version with polvalent wing. There is a larger model at 2.5 metre span and one at 1.5m. It's all moulded with a carbon fuselage and carbon reinforced wing. A pretty little plane I've heard it said. It comes in a few variations, V-tail/cross tail, straight/poly wing and slope/electric. It's not a serious model for anything in particular but it does a few aerobatics, it thermals well and I've DS'ed it a little. There are a couple of drawbacks namely the tight fuselage installation and, I thought, a much too heavy, tailplane. And, oh yes, a flimsy looking carbon wing joiner. Neverthelss a lovely model with quadro-flaps.

If its shape looks familiar then it's because you've seen it before. They are sold in Germany as Toplight models where they are called, Standard, Mega and Ultra, these are the same models as the X'Race 1.5, 2 and 2.5 metre planes from France. In the US they are marketed as Epsilon 1.5 and 2m and Omega models, I believe.

France: www.airtech-rc.com
USA: http://www.nesail.com
Germany: www.frankenmodellbau.de