Preyy picture from the box


projekt zwo from Simprop

Carbon canopy The carbon fibre canopy looks nice and fits perfectly since it comes ready cut to shape! It doesn't, of course, need to be carbon fibre but many of Simprop's models have this feature. Fixing is by means of a piano wire running on the inside of the canopy. The canopy fits by sliding back and forth.
Ready made wingsThe Sagitta's ready made and shaped wings only need covering and servo installation. The ailerons and 2 servo wells are already routed out (I parted them from the wings here) There's one wing dowel and the wings are held on to the fuselage with 2 M5 nylon bolts.


I fitted my Sagitta wings with Multiplex servos (not for any particular reason) using four in the wings: 2 x FLBB for the flaps (13mm) and 2 of the 11mm thick ones for the ailerons. I had two odd standard servos for the rudder and elevator.


I used Profilm for the first time but I didn't really like it compared to old solarfilm. I made an adequate job of it, let's say, in red and yellow.

What didn't I like?

I hated the elevator connection. Each half of the elevator has its own horn and the two wires are soldered together and connected to the servo. A simple pushrod would have been much better, or even a bellcrank, IMHO. Still it works fine. There is one advantage though - it makes transport much easier if the tailplane is removable.


Quite a nice plane, for a kit, I must say. It isn't super fast but flies near enough all the manoeuvres one might want. I opted for the four control surface option which gives all the functions on a computer radio...thermal flap, snap flap, crow braking and so on.