An out and out aerobatic machine, it does all the manoeuvres. This particular model has a fibreglass fuselage which is very, very flexible and a white foam/obechi wing. It comes ready covered from JR Models in Czechoslovakia. (Link below). It is inspired by the original Mad Slide model designed by French aerobatic champion Benoit Paysant-Le Roux (BPLR). This model is very similar to the Kulbutin and Slope Master. Both have differences to the original.

Mad Slide

Mad Slide

It's light, comes in somewhere about 1.5kg., and has my favourite Ritz-1 section at 1.7 metres, just a tad more than the original (1.51m). I like it, it flies in really light winds <10mph. There are a couple of things I didn't like with the kit, chiefly the elevator and rudder snake pushrods, they were too sloppy. I took them out after trying them and put the servo at the rear of the fuse with direct linkage for the elevator and a closed loop for the rudder.

Billed as a 3D glider I did try the massive 90 movement on the elevator (and had to chop the elevator about to get it) but just could not get on with it and fly with enough confidence switching the movement in and out with the rate switch. Such a huge elevator movement certainly makes for interesting flying though, full 'up' acting like a 'dethermaliser' if you ever did A2. The planform of the wing, tail and rudder is different from that of the original but the model is otherwise very similar in concept. I intend to put together a balsa version of the Mad Slide. The report of it was published in the French 'Looping' Magazine #64 in September 2000, I have this copy and a copy of the plan.

Mad Slide article, Looping #64