Latest iteration, a newly painted fuselage

February 2017, and it's me flying on 'The Beacon' in the Vimeo video below. Click on the Thumbnail. The wings of this model have a little carbon in them and it uses the RDS aileron and flap system which makes it surprisingly quiet in the air. This model has an 8% thick symmetrical section which comes from the Thierry Platon stable. Weighing the parts with my inaccurate kitchen scales it's ~2.2kg which is good for a span of ~2.4m. Here, it is being flown on a Taranis with an EzUHF module on 459MHz but I am now flying it with a FrSky Horus using 2.4GHz Multiplex module. My friend Edgar Filk is shown on the right launching me on Ivinghoe Beacon earlier in 2015.

 Edgar Filk originals

Mike Shellim original

I love this super model, its fantastic crow braking, axial roll etc, bunts, etc. Sadly, I had two Graupner digital servo failures resulting in a crash which, I am told, is something that happens quite often these days but not only to Graupner/JR servos. These failures, I understand, are all with digital servos and possibly higher voltage battery systems like two cell LiPoly batteries and five cell NiMhs. The servo problems can be due to these higher voltages, higher currents when servo stalling occurs or poor quality control, who knows.

Vital Statistics, Horus with Multiplex module, 6 Graupner and/or Savox servos, 4 cell 2.4Ahr NiCad, Fuselage 992g, Tailplane 639g, Wing Joiner 97g, Left Wing 528g, Right Wing  522g ,Total ~2.2kg, Wing Span 2.4m

Inside the glass sandwich construction wing... look at the flap/aileron wiper, the spar tube, flap/aileron construction, the leading edge and the RDS system servo mounting. The quality goes without saying, no pinholes in the gel coat, epoxy and micro balloon filling where it should be, etc.

N.B. My Kinetic was re-sprayed in November 2017. See my other page: Raptor-Aresti-Fly-Off.