Latest iteration, a newly painted fuselage

Keith Groombridge (the Bristol based designer) kindly let me have this prototype, all moulded, Kinetic slope aerobatic model for a song. Still waiting for the perfect day, I can tell you that it came from prototype MDF moulds. Naturally the wings have carbon in them and this model uses the RDS aileron and flap system which makes it surprisingly quiet in the air. The Kinetic has an 8% thick symmetrical section which comes from the Thierry Platon stable; I'm not sure but I believe it may be the TP28-4. Weighing the parts with my kitchen scales it's ~2.2kg which is good for a span of 2.4m. From the original pattern and MDF moulds, after a few minor changes, Keith went on to have a set of production moulds made in the Czech Republic from which came the pink, white and green model shown below. As of Spring 2016, I can say that said model met its demise on a Swiss mountainside last year but I am assured that it will be rebadged under a different name. This however, gave us the opportunity to see the inside of the wing... see below.

 after Edgar Filk originals

after Mike Shellim original

Since flying my new model a couple of times on the slope I decided it need some more visibility and to that end I added some pearl white stripes on the wings top and bottom and repainted the fuselage giving it a white pearl finish. (I really do hate the orange and navy, btw.) Super model, fantastic crow braking, axial roll etc, bunts, etc. My revamp also included a new Taranis/Immersion RC radio operating in the 459MHz band. Sadly, I have had two Graupner digital servo failures which, I am told, is something that happens quite often these days but not only to Graupner/JR servos. These failures, I understand, are all with digital servos and possibly higher voltage battery systems like two cell LiPoly and LiFePO4 batteries and five cell NiMhs. The servo problems can be due to these higher voltages, higher currents when servo stalling occurs or poor quality control, who knows.

There are two flying videos of the Kinetic

Click left for Folkestone

Right for the Bwlch         

Vital Statistics, Taranis with Multiplex module, 6 Graupner and Savox servos, 4 cell 2.4Ahr NiCad, Fuselage 992g, Tailplane 639g, Wing Joiner 97g, Left Wing 528g, Right Wing  522g ,Total ~2.2kg, Wing Span 2.4m

The pink, white and green model... from a builder's point of view look at the flap/aileron wiper, the spar tube, flap/aileron construction, the leading edge and the RDS system servo mounting. The quality goes without saying, no pinholes in the gelcoat, epoxy and microballoon filling where it should be, etc.