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Welcome to Graham's defunct ISA Home Page. The ISA was formed way back in November 1977 when models were quite different. Sure enough, there were quite a few fliers who used to turn up on the Ivinghoe slopes then but we never really knew one another - then the Association was formed and everything changed - we actually started talking to one another! Since 1977, the ISA has gone from strength to strength and I think we can now boast we are the largest soaring associations in the UK, maybe in Europe. Our membership regularly reaches over 170 year on year (265 back in 2000). Being such a large association we have expertise in the whole range of slope flying disciplines with Cross Country flying (UK style), Thermal Soaring (F3J) and F3F and Foamie slope racing being our strongest areas - we have members who participate in National and International Competitions.


Pimple We fly on the Ivinghoe Hills, near the Dunstable Downs in Bedfordshire where full size sailplanes are flown. The site is about 60km north west of London. On our downland hills, licensed for ISA use and administered by the National Trust, we have slopes that fly almost all directions. Some better than others, of course, the best slope is the West face with the old trig point on the top showing 231m (758ft a.m.s.l.) on the map. Our slopes for North, North East and South are pretty good too. On a fine summer weekend with a west wind the hills can get rather busy, especially with the numbers of walkers and day trippers that make their way to 'The Beacon' for the spectacular views over the Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire countryside.

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