Jumping Jack

Jumping Jack


Lehner 1020/15

Phoenix 25

Lithium Polymer cells and brushless motors have brought a revolution to electric flight. This model has vertical performance, will prop hang on 5/8 throttle (I can't do it yet) and could be described as as an E3D or mini-pattern plane. Its span is just one metre and now after repairs it must weigh somewhere over 700 grams. I initially ran the motor on 3S3P Kokham 340mA 20C cells (11.1v, 1020mA) it was drawing 22.6amps swinging an 11x7 APC electric propeller from a 6:1 Cobri gearbox . All this from a tiny motor that fits in a film can! The model itself comes ready made from interlocking laser cut balsa and ply parts; and it's ready covered with film. I am now using Polyquest 10-12C 1800mA simply because these packs have centre taps for cell balancing with Polyquest's proprietary balancer.

My set up then: Lehner 1020/15, Cobri Aluminium 72:12 stick gearbox, Phoenix 25 computer programmable controller, APCE 11x7, Polyquest 1800 3S1P LiPoly, 4 x W084 micro servos, Multiplex Pico RX, Mpx 7ch Cockpit Tx