Dynamic Soaring
Dynamic Soaring is both amazing and counter-intuitive. It needs the right kind of hill to do it and considerable flying skill. I tried it successfully but beware, one can wreck models quite easily. Here are two video clips (14Mb and 20Mb) of my brother, David Woods, Dynamic Soaring some years ago, note the jerky 15fps footage - he was demonstrating the technique on a pleasant weekday on the empty hill. The wind is on the North face of the hill, about 10mph, and the DS-ing takes place on the opposite facing side on the ridge. Turn the sound down.
The video is from a still camera (Canon G5) using its movie facility, hence the relatively poor quality. Cursory analysis reveals the model is probably hitting 120mph at times.



~20Mb (zip) ~14Mb (zip)
If these .avi files do not run on your Media Player, or whatever you use, it probably means you have not got the correct codec installed. However, to overcome this in another way simply download VLC Media Player—it plays everything—and its completely FREE: