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Radio Control Slope Soaring


by Dave Hughes


ISBN 0 903676 13 3

This must be the 324 page slope soarer's bible. Although first published with this title in 1983 its pedigree goes back a few years even before that. Its original incarnation was: 'Radio Control Soaring'. I remember having a copy of the original, and it falling to pieces through over use, before lending it and losing it. That book was subsequently split in two to create 2 volumes: this one and its sister book 'Radio Control Thermal Soaring'.

From what I remember the content is much the same and certainly the excellent diagrams seem familiar. However, in 2000 all the images of models and their owners look rather dated. Mind you, I'd say that most of the information contained is relevant today. Some ideas have changed, of course, like those on the nature of thermals but it's all good stuff. The original texts must be over 20 years old so there are some 21st century omissions: there are no Moulded Models, nor any mention of Foamies, Dynamic Soaring or F3F, F3J, F3B.

Lots of chapters, then, covering topics from the type of hills to search for, to trimming, to model design. Well worth buying if you're into slope soaring, especially novices. It's out of print but you might find it at