Salve! what better place to start with the Romanisation of Kent than on the beach between Walmer and Deal where Caius Julius Caesar landed in 55BC. There is a commemorative stone laid on 'The Strand' (promenade) between Walmer and Deal. The inscription on the plinth simply says,

"The first Roman Invasion of Britain led by
Julius Caesar landed near here LVBC."

2017 Please note there have been changes in thought about the actual landing site. It may have been Pegwell Bay

DEAL BEACH (steep with pebbles up to ~75mm)

Plinth on the Strand at Deal, click for aerial shot

A Personal Project

This is the starting place for my web pages which were inspired by the University of Kent CCS Course on The Early Romans in Kent. These pages have metamorphosed into a personal project to accompany the course essay in 2005. This site contains more than 25 pages and 125 photographs, plans and maps. I may add extra pieces to this site as I visit more Roman sites. My apologies for any mistakes. The pages start with Caesar and his 'expeditions' to Britain...